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A desperate attempt to “get a feel for” the intangible nature of digital structures.

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Project Summary:

I have Spatial-Sequence Synesthesia.

All data, all information, arranges itself spatially around me in almost architectural forms. I can walk through the data forms as if through a city of words and pictures.


To help me gain a clearer understanding of the parallels between my Synesthetic space, Physical space, and the Virtual space that I interact with daily, I decided to build my virtual “Home” in physical form.


Essentially, we have graphics for everything we build, link and store within cyberspace but what of the space itself, the container for it all?

Are there walls? Is there Air? Is there light?

What exactly does a web-presence feel like?


I needed to get a “feel” for what a space for data could be. 


In a virtual world, physics is a fluid concept. Anything we build within that space begins with the expectations we have for the concepts of or physical space and earth-bound construction.

These familiar conventions are the starting point for my Castles Series. They are a direct result of the language used to describe the virtual world, just as the data forms in my mind are a direct result of spatial language used to describe time, dates and numbers.


We give three-dimensional names to something we can experience, but never touch.

Perhaps it’s a coping mechanism.

Maybe it’s just a game of semantics, linguistics.


For me, this is the shape and feel of language.